Every day, an estimate 3,500 children living in the Tenderloin neighborhood face the highest concentration of sex offenders in California, open drug dealing on the street, and the constant threat of violence. Tenderloin Safe Passage was inspired by mothers who were determined to protect their kids Р and is now a community-driven project supported by local schools, police, and organizations. Our pilot Corner Captain Program provides adult volunteers who monitor safety at high-risk street corners during after-school commute times every day during the school year.

You can help us expand and further establish this essential service!

$50- Sponsors volunteers on one high-risk street corner for one school day
$1000- Sponsors volunteers on one high-risk street corner for one month
$10,000- Sponsors volunteers on one street corner every day for one school year

  • Make a tax-deductable¬†donation of any denomination to Tenderloin Safe Passage
  • Host a Tenderloin Safe Passage fund-raising event at your home or business
  • Double or triple your gift! Participate in your employers Corporate Matching Gifts Campaign.


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