Points of Unity

The Tenderloin Safe Passage Committee brings together a diverse community of organizations and stakeholders to address safety concerns in our neighborhood.  At the heart of our approach to this collaborative effort, is a strong belief in preserving an open and inclusive community process around the discussion and approach to neighborhood safety.

Each member organization signs and abides by our Points of Unity which informs their participation in the group and ensures that everyone has an equal voice.

One Name/One Voice Policy

In our advocacy, we will place the long­term safety needs of the children families, and residents of the Tenderloin above the needs of our organization to
be directly indentified when referencing the Safe Passage Project using mediums such as press releases, community meetings, other media, etc. All participating organizations/entities will be listed alphabetically, in an agreed upon format, for the sake of demonstrating the collaborative spirit of the Safe Passage Project. Each organization/entity brings equally significant resources to the Safe Passage Project.


The Safe Passage Project will be overseen by a committee of individuals/organizations who pledge to participate in the project in a significant way, with time, funds, or other resources. This committee will be named the Safe Passage Committee.  Other organizations/entities serving in partnership or collaboration with the project will be referenced as serving/participating in the Safe Passage Project.

Decision Making

The Safe Passage Project will use a consensus process to reach decisions, meaning we strive to make decisions we can all agree upon, but recognize that we may disagree on certain points. Organizations in the Safe Passage Project agree not to take public positions in conflict with ones made by the whole

Funding/In­Kind Support

The Safe Passage Committee will determine which organization within its coalition will serve as a fiscal agent for any agency or entity that supports the Safe Passage Project with funding or other in­kind services.  The organization serving as a fiscal agent will communicate all information regarding funds or in­ kind support to the Safe Passage Committee. The Safe Passage Committee will appropriately acknowledge the support and levels of support of sponsorship agencies and entities.