About Us

The idea for Tenderloin Safe Passage grew out of concerns raised in a number of Tenderloin Community Meetings held in 2008.  In these meetings Tenderloin Parents expressed concern about the safety of their children as they walked through the neighborhood.  The more we talked with the community, the more we heard the issue of street safety brought up time and again.

In response to this concern the Boys and Girls Club, Tenderloin Clubhouse launched a new chaperone program for the 2008 school year.  When it was time for children to leave the program older youth would escort them home.  This effort served as a model for similar efforts by other youth-serving agencies in the Tenderloin.  With the success of these programs community leaders came together to formalize, support and sustain these efforts on the broader scale.  This collaboration would grow to become Tenderloin Safe Passage.

In 2012 we launched the Tenderloin Safe Passage Route, an 11 block sidewalk mural which highlights routes through the neighborhood which are most frequently trafficked by children and families.  Our goal in doing so is to raise awareness of the large number of children and families who make the Tenderloin home and to focus community driven safety efforts in ways that can make the most impact.  Our ongoing volunteer driven Corner Captain program places trained safety monitors on high-traffic, high-risk  intersections along the route during weekday after-school times.  To support this effort, the Tenderloin police have adjusted their patrols in coordination with the route and school commute times to ensure youth walking to and from school feel safe.

In an effort to arm Tenderloin residents and community members with best safety practices we offer, in collaboration with Kidpower, a number of free safety and self-defense classes.

We continue to work with the community to identify and address ways to make Tenderloin streets safe for all.  For more information on Tenderloin Safe Passage, or to get involved please contact us.