Tenderloin Safe Passage

With an estimated 3,500 children living in only a half square mile, the Tenderloin neighborhood is home to the densest concentration of children and families in San Francisco.   However, when these children leave their homes they face a neighborhood with the highest concentration of sex offenders in California, open drug dealing, and the constant threat of violence.  The Tenderloin Safe Passage Program grew in response to street safety concerns expressed by Tenderloin families.

Tenderloin Safe Passage is a community of neighborhood groups, parents, youth-serving agencies and schools dedicated to making the Tenderloin neighborhood a safer place for all.

In 2012 we launched the Safe Passage Sidewalk Mural, a visually designated sidewalk path through 11 Tenderloin blocks which are both high-crime and highly trafficked by Tenderloin Children and Families.  In an ongoing effort to promote safety for children in the area, our Corner Captain Program places trained volunteers at high-risk corners along the route, as a safety presence for youth during the after-school commute time.

In 2014, Tenderloin Safe Passage was identified as a community priority of the Tenderloin Health Improvement Partnership (TLHIP), a collective impact initiative spearheaded by the Saint Francis Foundation, in which community stakeholders identified efforts, programs, and projects that could lead to improved health outcomes for the Tenderloin. As a result of this community discussion, the Saint Francis Foundation awarded Tenderloin Safe Passage a large grant to assist with the launch of its operations.

At our regularly held meetings, we bring together youth groups, community organizations, schools and police to discuss common concerns and coordinate efforts to protect, support and promote the needs of Tenderloin children.

In response to concerns brought up in neighborhood forums, we offer a variety of street safety classes for Tenderloin community and residents.

For more information about Tenderloin Safe Passage, or to get involved please contact us.

13 thoughts on “Tenderloin Safe Passage

  1. I would love to volunteer to be a corner captain, or what other service you might need. I walked home alone from school as a kid and was consistently harassed. I want to make sure no one else has to put up with that.

    Thanks for your hard work.


  2. I live at Sutter/Leavenworth and work part-time south of Market, so I walk through the Tenderloin frequently. I would be very interested in volunteering for Safe Passage.

  3. Hello,

    I would be interested in helping out. As a single parent,
    who raised my daughter, now 22, here in San Francisco, I know
    the importance of protecting children on their way home from school.
    Please let me know how I can help as a Corner Captain.


  4. I’m interested in knowing more about being a corner captain, can you let me know what days, blocks, and times of day you need help?


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